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All Guilds Meeting - November 2012

2012 is almost finished as we complete yet another All Guilds Meeting in Kirel.  Many familiar faces joined us this time as well as a fun new Guild!  Lyrobot was also there to assist in moderator duties by storing questions and keeping the chatlog.  Speaking of which, here they are, both raw and cleansed, hot off the press, as well as the usual summary.

Guild of Writers

Branan, with a bit of assistance from Hoikas, came to speak for the GoW.  Their Tre'bivdil Stained Glass Contest was a great success and they have chosen a winner: Christian Walther!  His design, as well as a couple of runners-up will be featured in every hood on Gehn Shard very soon.  Branan also hinted at more such contests in the near future.

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The Starry Expanse's AMA on Reddit

Shorah, fellow Myst/URU faithful!

It's been awhile since the Guild has updated about The Starry Expanse project, a fan-made 3D remake of Riven along the lines of RealMyst. The game has been progressing nicely and has had a few big developments as of late.  At an appearance at Mysterium, Max "Zib Redlektab" Batchelder presented the latest build of the game on Prison Island and made the incredible announcement that the team has received the full blessing of Cyan Worlds, Inc. to continue working on the game! The company is even providing the source files from the original game for use with the project as well as helping out where they can.

Here are a few video samples from in-game (work-in-progress):

Prison Island

Prison Island 2


Gate Room

For those with questions about the game (and given the scope of the project, people probably have a lot), the SE team will be conducting an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit at 10:00 AM EDT (2:00 PM GMT or 8:00 AM KI time) to answer those questions. The GoMe will provide a summary of what is discussed afterward.

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The Marker Editor

Following-up on his work for a Marker Exchange, Lyrositor announced at today's All Guilds Meeting that he has created a Marker Editor, a modified client for Uru that allows for the download and upload of marker games as text files through a set of simple KI commands. These files can then be edited by any text editing programs to customize an existing marker game or to create an entirely new one. The client is open-source and available for all to download and use.

Integration between the Marker Editor and Marker Exchange is planned, with games uploaded to the Marker Exchange being made available for download using the Marker Editor format. Lees meer

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Lyrobot: A New AI for the Cavern

Lyrositor announced yesterday the public unveiling of his latest project, Lyrobot, an artificial intelligence akin to OHBot and serving in The Fun House. It can accept a range of Fun House-specific commands, but can also interact at a basic level with other explorers, do math, predict portal times, link people to him automatically, and be controlled through his web interface, featuring Lyroscope (a live-time feed of what Lyrobot is seeing), the Age Chat (a web chat with Uru through Lyrobot), the KI Registry (vastly similar to the KI Directory), and a web control interface for illusions in The Fun House.

As of this day, Lyrobot is currently at version 1.0.1, and is comparatively limited when likened with OHBot; however, new features are being actively added by Lyrositor, and Lyrobot might eventually catch up to him. Lyrobot can usually be found in The Fun House, if he is online, which is not always guaranteed.

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Offline KI 3.7

Diafero just announced a new release of his Offline KI!

This new major release contains some very interesting material, most notably the Wall Fix from Sirius, that makes the Wall of Gahreesen playable.

This is the complete list of fixes and features that this release contains:

- The wall in Gahreesen now works! (all the credits go to Sirius)
- Add support for UAM-style custom Relto pages (so you do not need the UAM KI plugin for this)
- Offline KI no longer depends on the "patch TPOTS" functionality of Drizzle, it contains all data it needs itself
- /jump now always jumps "upwards", seen from the avatar (thanks to tachzusamm for the idea)
- The links I had to fix now use the proper book-touch animation (thanks to D'Lanor)
- Automatically hide and show the menorah and the Christmas tree on Shards (thanks to D'Lanor)
- Fix a bug that made the growing tree in Relto disappear
- Fixed Relto imager (thanks to Sirius for the prp fix)
- Fixed Kadish pillars in case the MOUL aditions did not get converted (good catch, Sirius)
- Fix /a to work properly when the avatar is in a subworld
- Fix the delay of the autolink on game startup

As usual for installation of the new OfflineKI the recommended way is to use the Uru Age Manager, in Drizzle. Remember to use the address of the new UAM server to download the latest data.